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Important information

  1. The Hotel has a 24/7 reception, Phone: 18 20 23 100,
  2. Check-in is from 4 pm on the arrival day and the check-out ends at 12 am on the day of departure.
  3. Wersal Hotel guests may make use of the luggage and sports equipment storage room and safe deposit boxes.
  4. There is free Wi-Fi available on the Hotel premises.


Hotel Wersal – Kuźnice (schedule):
07.53, 09.20, 10.22, 11.24, 12.18, 13.23, 14.18, 15.23, 16.22, 17.22,

Hotel Wersal – Station - Hotel Kasprowy Mercure (schedule):
08.10, 09.41, 10.41, 11.41, 12.43, 13.40, 14.41, 15.41, 16.41, 17.41,

Prices for Wersal Hotel guests

ride on route Hotel Wersal - Hotel Kasprowy and route to Polana Szymoszkowa area (swimming pools, lifts), for people using Wersal VIP card: free of charge.
ride from Hotel Wersal to Kuźnice - 5 PLN/Person.
ride from Hotel Wersal to Station - 3 PLN

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